Our Classes

The languages offered at Language City are French & Spanish and are geared towards high school students even though our students are between 10 and 18 years of age. Language City is a constantly growing language school with a unique and successful approach. Language City is WASC-accredited, which means students do get credit for classes taken.

We offer classes specifically tailored to the needs of homeschoolers. Let our fantastic team of linguists help you reach your goals in the shortest time. Language City will eventually offer four levels for each language, each divided into two semesters.

Each class lasts 55 minutes. Students enter their class through Moodle with their id and password. All they have to do is click on the link with the name of their class, with the day and time of the class. Moodle also allows teachers and students to interact, share ideas and thoughts, deliver homework assignments, and display more learning material created by the school. One of the greatest aspects of our online language school is that all lessons are recorded and available online the same day, which means that if you were not able to attend a class, you really did not miss anything. The links to all classes are posted the very same day on Moodle.

Language City is a vendor with Sage Oak Charter School, iLead Charter schools, Inspire Charter schools, Connecting Waters Charter schools, South Sutter Charter School, Ocean Grove Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter school, Pacific Charter Institute, Valley View Charter Prep, the Cottonwood School, Feather River Charter School, Clarksville Charter School, Lakeview charter School & Winship Community School.  If you would like to recommend Language City as a vendor with your charter school, ask your vendor coordinator to contact us at contact@language-city.com.

Take part in our referral program and get a $20 discount for every student referred to us. Email us at contact@language-city.com to learn more.

Live webinars ($255/smester) Self-study course ($99/semester)
Live webinar            ✔
Recorded webinars            ✔          ✔
Homework with corrections on Moodle           ✔         ✔
Extra learning tools available on Moodle          ✔         ✔


Use the dropdown menu above to choose the language you would like to study, and see the schedule for each language.



Registration is open for French IA & French IB for the Spring of 2021. Semester starts January 18th and ends May 21st 2021. Take our live webinar classes or sign up at any time for our self-study course. Each semester is made up of 16 sessions of 55 minutes each.

Registration is open for Spanish IA in the Spring of 2021. Semester starts January 18th and ends May 21st 2021. Each semester is made up of 16 sessions of 55 minutes each.


Language City is the one destination for homeschoolers who want to learn a foreign language in a fun environment.

Meet online every week with other homeschoolers from all over the country to learn a foreign language with the very best French & Spanish teachers in the nation.

Why Choose Us

  • Learn a language in a fun and easy way.
  • What you learn is relevant; lessons are made simple and are more accurate than anywhere else.
  • All classes are recorded and can be watched on demand 24/7.
  • Learn from the very best teachers in the nation.
  • Get plenty of extra information to continue learning in between classes.