French lesson, exercise #8: oral comprehension

    1) la tête = head 2) la jambe = leg 3) le bras = arm 4) le pied =foot 5) le dos = back 6) les épaules = shoulders 7) le nez =nose 8) le coude = elbow 9) les yeux = eyes 10) les oreilles = ears Homeschoolers can take French lessons […]

Question of the day #34

“Tiles” that you find in your kitchen for instance are called “le carrelage“, it’s a singular term like “hair” in English. In Spanish, it is “la baldosa” (one “piece” of tile, like in English). As far as “roof tiles” go, they are called “une tuile” in French, and “una teja” in Spanish. In both languages, […]

French & Spanish lessons: Question of the day #33

“To save a life” in French is “sauver une vie“, & “salvar una vida” in Spanish. To save money is “économiser de l’argent” (or “épargner” which is an older verb), while it is “ahorrar dinero” or in Spanish. To save time in French is “gagner du temps” (gain time). In Spanish, you can either say […]