Testimonials for Alexandre de Chambure

Susan C, mother of Ella
Ella has been homeschooled from the beginning. She has been learning French with Alex for 2 years and has really enjoyed it. More importantly, she has learned a lot.

Jennifer D, mother of Elliott
My son is 14 and has been taking French with Alex for 8 months now. He loves his lessons and tells us everything he learns with Alex. His method is absolutely fantastic. I think his approach is unique and his mastery of both French and English is phenomenal. He always has an answer to every question.

Cynthia Q, mother of Nathan
My son is really excited about his French class. He has been enjoying every lesson and all the extra material Alex provides the kids with to practice on their own. He is a very knowledgeable and dedicated teacher.

Lisa M, mother of Corey
Corey has been learning French with Alex for three years now. In just an hour a week, he has learned a tremendous amount of things. The material that Alex has created is simply amazing, teaching kids the difference between textbook pronunciation and pronunciation as it is in France. That alone makes a big difference.

Karla A, mother of Jennifer
Since I know French pretty well, I wanted my daughter to speak it too. I sometimes listen to Alex’s class and the extent of his knowledge is just mind-blowing. He is exceptionally accurate and his explanations are very clear. My daughter is learning well. She will be well prepared to go spend a semester in France in a few years.

Mark S, father of Matthew
Alex is the most patient, reliable, and skilled French teacher we have ever met. After four years learning French with Alex, he feels like has spent a year in France. Alex has never opened a textbook to repeat what the book said. He mostly uses his own material and his own approach. He is an absolutely fantastic teacher.

Caroline W, mother of Sarah & Masha
Alex taught Spanish to my daughter Sarah, and French to Masha. Both of them loved the way he taught and said everything was very clear, much clearer than it was in class. They’ve had excellent grades all year. I definitely recommend him.

Yasaman M, mother of Matthew
Matthew has always been fascinated by foreign languages and by French in particular. He has been thrilled by how much he has learned with Alex. He had tried to learn on his own before as well as with private tutors. He says Alex is by far the very best at what he does. He says the information he has received is priceless. The idea is that Alex doesn’t improvise his lessons while most other teachers open a book and see what is in there.

Testimonials for Irene Arboli

Rachel V, mother of Jocelyne
My daughter learned Spanish with Irene, an astounding Spanish instructor. She had taken Spanish lessons with other teachers before who seemed to lack accuracy, and didn’t seem to be sure of grammar rules. Luisa makes no hesitations and has an answer to every question. Her thorough knowledge is simply unmatched. You would think there are hundreds of thousands of Spanish teachers to choose from, but true teachers, there are not that many.

Karen C, mother of Sophia
I have a pretty good level of Spanish since I lived in Mexico for a year. Irene always makes very relevant remarks to make sure students understand the gap that exists between the poor Spanish used by many native speakers in America (who teach Spanish!), and the true Spanish that a good teacher should teach. He explained to my daughter (and to me) the difference between the poor grammar used by many, and the proper grammar as it should be learned. He also used the method created by Language City to cover the many useful idiomatic expressions used on a daily basis in Spanish: a priceless source of information which is never covered in schools.

Kristine D, mother of Ana
Ana learned Spanish with Irene for 2 years. She got a 5 on her AP exam, which is a really hard exam. She says it’s all thanks to her. She has learned many things with her that she had never learned at school. Irene is the very best you will meet.

Nicole R, mother of Goran
Goran took two years of Spanish with Irene. It worked out great. He got straight A’s throughout Spanish II & III classes, and he learned a lot of extra things he didn’t learn in class such as the differences between Spanish spoken in Spain and in various parts of Latin America.

Laura, mother of Stacey
Stacey has been homeschooled all her life and took two years of Spanish with Irene. Her method was absolutely wonderful with pictures, colors to identify each part of the sentence in English and in Spanish: very easy to understand. Language City is a wonderful place to learn a foreign language.

Jennifer V, mother of Chris
Chris has been homeschooled since the 6th grade. He took his Spanish II class with Irene, and he learned so much. He actually learned a lot about English grammar that he didn’t know before. I thought Irene’s lessons were extremely well structured and apparently, very well explained. Chris loved his Spanish class.

Diane G, mother of Jonathan
Jonathan has been homeschooled since he was 11. He took his first 2 years of Spanish with Irene. I think he has learned much more than he would have with anyone else: all types of accents, pronunciations and vocabulary from all parts of the Spanish-speaking world. He has learned all types of speech registers, which I don’t think they do in schools. She seemed to be a pretty fascinating teacher.


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