Our Method

At Language City, our approach to languages is different from any other language school. Our team of foreign language experts has found that, unlike most programs, we should connect the target language to the student’s native language.

We consider that language learning is comprised of the following:

  • 50% grammar
  • 35% vocabulary
  • 10% idiomatic expressions (easy & complex)
  • 5% pronunciation (absolutely vital)

In French class, your teacher will start by explaining a new concept with clear explanations you won’t hear anywhere else.

After explaining a new rule, he or she will give you many different examples of how to use it in as many different ways as possible so that you fully understand the entire concept.
This will also be an opportunity for students to talk about pronunciation, and note the difference between the language as it is read, and as it is spoken, with words being blended together, creating new sounds, and other words being completely skipped.
Students then get the opportunity to apply the rule. You will notice a yellow caption on most slides to constantly introduce new vocabulary/idiomatic expressions.

Our teachers have entire lessons on the most useful idiomatic expressions; lessons that are essential and that no other school will cover.

Students have access to a gold mine of information on a separate platform called Moodle, a place to do homework, share documents, thoughts, ideas, and relevant documents.
You will be able to practice on more examples with slow and fast pronunciation. It is on that platform that students will be able to go online for live classes, and find their homework.

Students will come out of each semester feeling fulfilled in their quest to speak a new language.

We look forward to having you as students and helping you reach your goals and bring you our expertise.

LC example 2

 Explanation of new concept

 LC example 4

Different fonts and colors are used on examples to match the English translation. This allows students to easily visualize what part of the sentence goes where, and under what form.

This virtual classroom is interactive and allows students to raise their hands, speak whenever they want and write on the board. Again, one of the best features our virtual classrooms offer is that classes are recorded. That way, students can practice at will 24/7 and catch up on any class they miss.

Slow fast pronunciation

Extra tool posted on Moodle to have more examples covering a specific grammar point with slow and fast pronunciation.



Language City is the one destination for homeschoolers who want to learn a foreign language in a fun environment.

Meet online every week with other homeschoolers from all over the country to learn French with the very best teacher in the nation.

Why Choose Us

  • Learn a language in a fun and easy way.
  • What you learn is relevant; lessons are made simple and are more accurate than anywhere else.
  • All classes are recorded and can be watched on demand 24/7.
  • Learn from the very best teachers in the nation.
  • Get plenty of extra information to continue learning in between classes.